Should I Hire a Pro or Remove Bats Myself?

Bat removal:
Removing Salinas bats from the house either inside or outside, is a difficult task to perform. But it is necessary to get rid of the nuisance as early as possible. In general there are two main methods through which we can remove the bat from our home.
• Do it yourself
• Calling a California professional

Do it yourself:
Most of the people use this technique to oust this wild creature from home. In order to accomplish this task at your own there are suggested a number of methods. You can adopt one of them according to your own situation. Some people try trapping or netting the California bats but this needs more perfection and high care to manage the procedure. Another way is fumigation but this also fails as it does not make any harm to bats. Now a day there has been introduced several electric devices to perform this job like ultrasonic sounds and flood lights; similarly there are a lot of home remedies as well as bat repellents are available in the market. But remember it is very hard to remove the entire colony through these methods. Therefore the only way to get rid of the Salinas bats is to let them go themselves.

Calling a professional:
The procedure of removing the Salinas bats from indoor or outdoor the house also involves some risks. If a person is absolutely ignorant about the procedure and precautions attached to it then he or she should better call a professional; especially when the California bats are residing in difficult area of the house like attics, basement or wall and roofs. Professionals know better ways to handle the situation as well as they can overcome the risk factors in an appropriate way. But it is to be kept in mind that such a method will cost you more than any other method.

Some points to remember:
Bats carry some fatal diseases including rabies and Histoplasmosis. Before handling the procedure it precautionary measures must be fulfilled like you must wear the leather gloves if you are going to touch the California bat. Similarly bat guano could be dangerous if inhaled. Timing is also important in this mission; summer is the mating season for bats so it is inhumane to remove the creature in this season. After the exclusion is done seal all the entry points so that the wild creature cannot renter the Salinas home.

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