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Will a Rat in the Attic Have a Nest of Babies?

Rats are California creatures that often will make your home into their own home. Frequently what that means is that they will find a place where they get some seclusion and peace, often a place like your attic, and bill that into a home. Your attic also can be the ideal place for a mother rat to build a nest and have her babies. We as humans know the fiber glass is a dangerous thing to breathe in, but the Salinas rat doesn't care about that all. The male or female rat is not concerned with breathing in class particles. Instead, it is just looking for a great place to make a nest and start life with a quality warm place to lay.

Fiberglass makes the absolute perfect bedding if you really get down to it. It is light and fluffy, very warm up, and the layers make the perfect thing to burrow into. It is absolutely ideal. It is also the perfect material to build a nest out of to have babies. Think about it, if you did know that fiber glass was hazardous for your health, you would probably use it for other purposes as well. In fact many Salinas kids use to love the play with fiberglass. It's such a great spongy material to play with.

This is what the California rat sees as well. In your attic it is likely that the entire floor is covered with fiberglass. This is either in the form of rolled or sprayed out particles of fiberglass. Either way the rat finds this to be the ideal material to wind up building a nest out of. It makes for the absolute perfect bedding. If you find that rats have built a nest out of your fiberglass then simply you have to get rid of it. As much as this may be costly to replace, rats choose carry too many diseases and parasites for you to allow this material to remain in your home. Not only do you have to worry about those parasites becoming a hazardous to the health of you are your family, but is a future generation of Salinas rats or mice or another animal comes around those parasites they can contract would ever illness that was and spread that are at your home. It may be expensive to replace the fiber glass, especially if there were many Salinas rats building nests in your attic, but you simply have to do it for the safety of your family.

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