What is the Best Bait to Trap an Opossum?

If you have a California opossum at home and you would love to learn how to trap an opossum to get rid of it, then you have arrived at just the right place. In this article, we are going to explore how to trap a Salinas opossum and what would be the best bait for achieving that. So, let's have a look!

Trapping an opossum
• Make hundred percent sure that you are aware of the exact situation you are going to indulge in. Are there any baby opossum? How many opossums are there? And other questions like that.
• Buy a large steel cage enough for the Salinas opossums to fit in besides leaving some space.
• Go through the laws of your state to ensure that there is no law prohibiting you to trap wildlife. You wouldn't like the trapping thing if it was illegal, would you?
• Choose the best bait for trapping the California opossum. Tips for placing the best bait will be discussed later in this article.
• Don't forget to check the trap from time to time to ensure that the animal is not suffering inside it.
• You can avoid the headache of separating mamas and babies by setting a trap in summer and early spring.

Baiting an opossum trap
While there are different professional opinions about which bait is the best, all agree on one fact that the bait must be smellier. The more smell bait has, the better. Some of the best baits for California opossum include:
• Opossums love fish.
• Apples.
• Pet food( which is canned).
• Bread smeared with aniseed oil.

Some important steps for the positioning of bait:
• Make sure that California opossum is made to enter the trap fully and not just a part of it.
• Encouraging the animal to go for the bait will help in trapping it.
• Create a path to the trap with just a little amount of bait to lure the opossum towards the bait.
• To avoid trapping of other animals in the same trap, set the timing of the trap at night. Opossums are one of the animals of that size which are active at night.
• Select the position of your bait that will force the Salinas opossum to place its step right on the trigger plate.
• Also ensure that there is no bait between the bottom of trap and the trigger plate. If this happens, the door will fail to close properly.
• You should remember to smear the bait all inside the cage to increase the chances of catching a Salinas opossum.

You've caught the Opossum!
Congratulations! You have caught the California opossum successfully. Follow the following precautions after catching it:
• Wear big and heavy gloves.
• Cover the cage from outside with a cloth to keep the Salinas opossum in a state of calmness.

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