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Is Opossum Feces Dangerous to Touch or Breathe?

All Salinas opossums can carry viruses and bacteria that can cause infections to human. Infections that can spread to humans include Hantavirus, leptospirosis, fever and a form of meningitis produced by a virus known as lymphocytic choriomening it is virus or LCMV. If you're sick enough to see your doctor, inform your doctor that you have handled opossum. It's significant that those people who keep opossums companion animals know the early signs of these infections since early diagnosis and cure are imperative to avoid development of severe diseases. If you're ever bitten by California opossum, the wound should be quickly washed and disinfected prior being concealed by a waterproof dressing.

Children, elderly, those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or person with a fragile immune system, and pregnant women must be particularly cautious. There's no vaccine available for any of these contaminations therefore the only way to get rid of infection is by cautious attention to cleanliness practices.

Contaminations may be acquired by:
• Opossum bites
• Contact with opossum urine, bedding or droppings materials
• Breathing in opossum dander
• Dried urine and droppings, or even dust from materials contaminated by opossum.

Hantavirus infections in specific can upshot from breathing in these viruses. This can actually happen when Salinas opossum urine and fences that has Hantavirus are mixed up into the air. Folks can also become disease-ridden when they touch droppings, urine, or even bedding materials that has this virus and then they touch their nose, eyes, or mouth. Infection may also occur if drink and food are contaminated with this virus.

How can I decrease the risks of infection?
• Keep opossum cages clean and take away soiled bedding often.
• Don't drink, eat, or smoke while handling Salinas opossum.
• Always wash your hands carefully with soap and clean water instantly after handling opossum or cleaning its cage or other materials like bedding.
• Be particularly cautious to straightaway clean your skin carefully if you get urine directly on your skin.
• Don't kiss or hold California opossum close to your face.
• Keep opossum out of locations where food is being prepared and consumed, and limit the areas in the house where it's allowed to roam freely.
• Cover scratches, cuts, or lesions with a clean waterproof bandage before handling Salinas opossum and thoroughly was and cover any abrasions or cuts received while handling California opossum.
• Wash any soiled clothing or bedding with laundry soap on a hot wash if you notice any opossum droppings or urine on them. Infections can be developed by your pet animal through contact with wild opossum.
• Don't use kitchen basins for washing cages. If you use the bathroom sink, bathtub or shower, it should be cleaned and washed thoroughly with disinfectant.

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