What Kind of Damage do Skunks Cause Under a House?

Almost everyone is familiar with the horrible odor of a California skunk. If skunks take residence under your house or even near it they can become a headache. It is better to locate and dispose the skunk off your property before the skunk makes it a stinking mess by spraying the fluid all over. The skunks can cause a great damage to your property other than just the smell. Skunks usually take shelter under the houses in the foundations of the building by making an underground tunnel, dens or even under the heating system of your house. If there is food nearby then you won't be surprised to find Salinas skunk under your porch. They might settle under your house and make a permanent shelter under it if they find enough food. Especially during the winter season when they hibernate.

Skunk can cause a great damage to your Salinas property. They can destroy your beautiful garden, your house vents and even the wiring under the ducts. They are well known for tearing the vents and ducts of your house to make a suitable crawling space. They can tear you heating system ducts and make holes in them to crawl up into your house. This will make the whole house smelly and it will be impossible to live in it. Skunks are burrowing animals in nature and they love making their dens under your houses. These dens damage the strength of your floors and the soil under your house starts slipping. Skunks can cause expense damage to your landscapes, your California gardens and your farms.

Skunks can eat small insects, eggs and vegetables alike. If the lower ears of your corn are being damaged regularly then there should be no doubt that this is the work of a California skunk. They can damage your land beyond repair in search of food. Under buildings they cause damages like tearing and making holes in building materials. These animals are lazy in nature and do not like to be removed from their shelter so if they like it under your Salinas house then it will be difficult for you to remove them from there. The damages caused can range from minor looking house problem to very costly damages like making holes in your pipelines and ducts.

Hence, it is better to have the Salinas skunk removed as soon as you get a trace of it on our property or else they will make you pay for their stay under your residence.

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